What is JPIO

Json Python IO(JPIO) is a command line utility to read/transform json data in commandline.

Existing implementations

There are a few existing implementation that are good, like ‘json’ (written in node), and jq.

Reason for JPIO

Although there are existing implementations, I feel that the syntax can be nicer. On top of that, I want to be able to have the ability to add functionality to it without having to fork the base engine, like how git plugin system works. Of course, there is the part of me that want to just build something.

I decided to use python mainly because of how easily json is mapped into python’s list and dict.


There are 2 part to the project. The first part is JsTQL, or Json Transformation and Query Language. This is a simple language that can be used to query or transform json data. JsTQL comes with a parser and a runtime, which can be imported from any python project.

The second part is JPIO, a commandline wrapper around JsTQL. This is a simple wrapper to parse json using the json module in python. This is built separately from jstql.

The source of JPIO can be found at github. All you need is just a python 3 runtime. On top of that, you can just install via pip