Here are the games I have made in 2 years of my game dev adventure. Some are just for fun, some are for LudumDare. The game are hopefully ordered in their order of creation.

Connected Worlds [LD48-30]

One of my favorite entry for ludum dare.

Memory Squares

A game that challenges your memory.


A kind of dungeon crawl that makes use of sudoku mechanics.

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This is a game about building a factory by combining different parts together.

Dice Battle

Dice battle is a simple push your luck game based on a game Zilch

Pixel Garden

Pixel Garden is a simple game about growing pixel plant and mutate them to change their growth pattern and color.


I didn’t managed to finish this, as I was using a very bad personal code base and I wasted too much time fixing the code base.


This is a game made in C#(XNA). It is a maze construction game where you try to block units from escaping.

Destroy The Brick

Destroy the brick is a simple arcade style game. Not quite sure how to explain, just play it.